Monday, 12 March 2012

Why you may need a bespoke Subtitling solution.

With budgets constrained by the economic climate, many businesses are turning to subtitles instead of voice over to make their video ready for an international audience. But marketing video still has to look the part, and standard closed caption subtitles may actually turn off discerning viewers - particularly if a brand's audience places an importance on aesthetics.

This was a hurdle faced by Sony Europe. Sony's Pro camera website is viewed by tens of thousands of visitors every month. Indeed, many of the visitors are professional camera operators with a keen eye for detail, so the infomercials featured on the site needed subtitles with flare in; French, Italian, German and Spanish.
In close consultation with Sony's marketing agency, Matinée produced a bespoke subtitling solution following strict brand guidelines. Please take a look...

I think you'll agree that the subtitles are clean, elegant and non-obtrusive.
Matinée delivered the subtitles burnt-in to various digital formats including MPEG-4 and QuickTime MOV.
Subtitling is a good way of reducing the costs of translating video, but with a subtitling provider like Matinée it needn't reduce the quality.

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